It’s that time again…

It is the beginning of summer. This is the time when I get rapidly bored and promise to write a summer blog that almost assuredly won’t happen. Oh well. Qbix keeps this site alive, and I plan to honor that with a yearly post emptily promising nothing.

Did I mention we are going to PAX in September? Also, this is the last time I will attend Comic-Con. Maybe I will write some stuff…nah.

I am alive…

Well after a everything went wrong about missouri I’m now in Ohio at the Solberg owned Marina (my dad’s side of the family), waiting for some work to come my way. At some point I may go back to Cali, or back to Missouri to find a cheap house. We’ll see… I see no one has posted nuthing in a while. I hope that will change. Oh other big news. I had to sell my xbox and rockband as payment for the help received for my truck, and to make a little girl smile.

Something I thought qbix would like:

Well after looking up some websites from the “webby awards” to get some ideas for the “look and feel” of a friend’s website job I’ve been working on. I of course started to get side tracked. And here is one of the things I found on my journey. A german guy with a website called: “Jung Von Matt” and in it his experiment with virtual 3-d Tagging and Daim as the artist… and

The lessons that Wolverine has taught us.


I know it has been a couple weeks since X-Men Origins: Wolverine has hit the big screens, but to be completely honest, it has taken this long to wash the putrid taste of fail from my soul. Maybe I was totally spoiled by the magnificence of the flurry of great comic book movies that we were all treated to from the previous year (The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Watchmen), but seriously, how did this crapheap of a disappointment ever get made? I have pondered why it sucked so bad, and I think there are a few lessons to be learned from success. So here are a list of things that I felt were terribly wrong with Wolverine, and I have even set them up in comparison to the comic book movies that weren’t so full of suck. I will begin with the benign and move to the more ridiculous mistakes.

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