I am alive…

Well after a everything went wrong about missouri I’m now in Ohio at the Solberg owned Marina (my dad’s side of the family), waiting for some work to come my way. At some point I may go back to Cali, or back to Missouri to find a cheap house. We’ll see… I see no one has posted nuthing in a while. I hope that will change. Oh other big news. I had to sell my xbox and rockband as payment for the help received for my truck, and to make a little girl smile.

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Something I thought qbix would like:

Well after looking up some websites from the “webby awards” to get some ideas for the “look and feel” of a friend’s website job I’ve been working on. I of course started to get side tracked. And here is one of the things I found on my journey. A german guy with a website called: “Jung Von Matt” and in it his experiment with virtual 3-d Tagging and Daim as the artist… and

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becoming a creator of audio files…

I don’t really have much to say other than I can’t wait for my secret life of becoming someone who creates audio files to begin. This may be actual music from real instruments I have laying around the house (like an electric guitar my brother gave me –his first, and now my first– or some drums my mom’s boyfriend owns, or maybe a flute I made out of ceramics in my art classes at UCLA, or it will just be the electronic instruments within my computer and the interweb, or maybe it will be mixing a bunch of “sampled” works into some techno break core tune that someone could dance to. All I know is I may finally be inspired, one because our own qbix has gotten so far into the sound world, my x-step-dad has his own sound studio, one of my best friends asked me to find the program for her old mac, or four I’ve finally remembered to just open “garageband” that’s been on my computer for the past 2 years. The problem was I thought it was just going to be a silly little program that came with my mac’s new system (since OS X.3) which was just for playing around with and wasting time… but after opening it up, researching it a little on the web,

humor video

One of the funnier ones…

Role Models…

after having seen role models without spanky, qbix and I could not help but be reminded of what spanky’s childhood may have been like, what with the fake sword battles, and talking to girls just enough to have them (spoiler alert) stab you in the back/front to take control of your kingdom!

And then only to have this idea fortified once again we saw UCI geeks fighting a glorious starwars battle in public outside the boba tea store… amazing!

you really have to love how serious they were taking this stuff…

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Best (thespian) Babes Ever prt. 1

Part One (Singers)

part of the “america loves lists” series: conceptualized by qbix

Scotty’s top


You know how I know you’re gay?

You watch the muppets doing coldplay!!! I love Beaker… my favorite Muppet!!!

I actually like the real one better though:

how to grow your penis

Dolphins Blow (best bubble blowers ever)

A dolphin’s version of playing video games

pretty amazing stuff…just goes to show that we are not the only mammals that like to play games, or who can even make the game they want to play with the resources they have available to them…if only they could talk to us in a language we could understand.


A few selfless shameless plugs

Here are a few links to some creative endeavors that involve my “blood” in some way please enjoy, and if you like any of it there are many was to support it… if you’d like more information email scotty or leave a comment how you can be reached.

Mother’s art opening up in Idyllwild…

my cousin rachel is in a band in New York called Oakley Hall (out of brooklyn)

cousin\’s band

she’s also doing a few things on her own, here’s an example of one of those songs:


Her brother Josh is also doing some musical work as well as trying to make it as an actor in hollywood…

Place for Us

His wife Arlene’s Directorial Debut: A Perfect World
(a documentary about self image and plastic surgery)

and then there is my dad…

My painting father’s art website

I guess this last one isn’t really selfless

scotty’s working website

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white and nerdy…

in leu of the netcast i’ll be posting this instead. I hope you enjoy it…
especially you spanky

white and nerdy

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boba milk tea 101: many names one great experience

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p style=”text-align: left;”> ………………………This……………………………………..Not This……………….

The English names for this magic elixir of the gods:

  • pearl (milk) tea or drink
  • tapioca milk tea drink
  • milk pearl tea or drink
  • black pearl (milk) tea or drink
  • (milk) tea pearl
  • boba (milk) tea or drink
  • tapioca (milk) tea or drink
  • bubble tea
  • bubble milk
  • bubble cup

A little pet-peeve of mine is when a boba place puts a regular “to go” top on the cup instead of the magical and necessary sticky seal top, so that you can turn it upside down, and shake back and forth a few times, before you poke the (ever important “jumbo sized sharp tip at one end”) straw through the lid to make the milk tea extra cold and refreshing. Also those jumbo straws don’t fit very well through the cheap lame ass “to go cup” plastic tops, they also spill much easier when you are drinking your boba in your car and you tilt it ever so slightly to reach your lips to the straw and wala some of the milk tea that crept out of the little “cracks” in the cheap top and gets all over your new white button down shirt (Spanky just bought from Target!)