Scotty’s favorite tools. Ever

Starting with firefox and it’s wonderful plugins: one of them being Firefox Universal Uploader which allows you to upload all kinds of photos to different photo sites all at once from one dialog box within firefox.

Also: Adblock Plus and it’s Filterset G

If you are tired of all the banner ads that pop up while you are on myspace, or the “commercials” you have to watch before you start your favorite shows on,, or even It actually filters those 30 second commercials out of the program (some shows like heroes caught on and won’t actually play until you disable part of it, but shows like lost are totally commercial free with it… yeah!)

Then if you go to they have a great 12 step program for getting rid of virus’s, spyware, rootkits, etc… (it’s not really 12 steps it’s more like a long 2 day 6 step process. But if you are infected with some nasty’s this will do the trick. I fixed my roommates computer and he’s been virus/trojan free ever since, and his computer was bad (he was doing unprotected internet surfing for over a year).

So here’s that link. They also supply you with all the freeware you’ll need to rid yourself of these evil internet demons. Continue reading “Scotty’s favorite tools. Ever”