That’s it.. No really… that’s it.

…yo diz sh*t must stop…

-Havoc from Mobb Deep on “Drink Away the Pain”

That quote was the first thing that came into my mind when I read this story from a music blog* that I RSS (I just made “RSS” a verb, but I’m sure someone else has beaten me to it…).

Long story short, L.A.’s (and Orange County’s) own Indie 103.1 is closing. It’s going away as of today. That’s unacceptable. Now mind you, I agree with some that the station isn’t as “good” (*cough* “indie” */cough*) as when it first hit the scene, but if it wasn’t a great resource for L.A.’s indie scene and a haven away from all the steaming hot garbage on the radio today, then I don’t know what it was (a good radio station maybe?). And since I’m only slightly elitist, Indie was pretty dag good to me.

(the station’s official message is down below. It’s semi-lengthy, so I’ll post it after my rant)

The truth is that music sucks right now. No, not music in general, because there’s great stuff “on the underground”, but mainstream music. And not even all of that sucks, just the stuff force-fed to us on mainstream radio. And don’t even let me get into radio Hip Hop right now. If you think Scotty’s posts are long.. don’t even get me started on that. The fact that one of the few stations, that isn’t college owned or suscriber radio, is forced to take it’s act to the ‘net is disturbing. The music industry as a whole is in shambles. Complaints about sales, downloaders/pirates (arrrg, me harties), and all the BS is clowding the fact that they don’t give a ish about artist development and true talent. Just about what they can pre-package in shiny disposable plastic and move on to the next money making single.

We’ve all heard it before, so I’ll just say this. I give up on mainstream radio. That’s it. I’m done. Out. I pretty much have been doing this in practice but now it’s official. If it’s not NPR or KCRW (89.9… shouts out to Chocolate City, Garth Trinidad and Jason Bentley – who may not be there anymore either), then it’s my portable mp3 player (see, i didn’t say iPod, Qbix!) and cd’s (until they eventually die, too). Eff you music industry. Suck it.

(here’s Indie 103.1’s official statement being played as we speak)

This is an important message for the Indie 103.1 radio audience.

Indie 103.1 will cease broadcasting over this frequency effective immediately. Because of changes in the radio industry and the way radio audiences are measured, stations in this market are being forced to play too much Britney, Puffy and alternative music that is neither new nor cutting edge. Due to these challenges, Indie 103.1 was recently faced with only one option — to play the corporate radio game.

We have decided not to play that game any longer. Rather than changing the sound, spirit, and soul of what has made Indie 103.1 great. Indie 103.1 will bid farewell to the terrestrial airwaves and take an alternative course.

This could only be done on the Internet, a place where rules do not apply and where new music thrives; be it grunge, punk, or alternative simply put, only the best music.

For those of you with a computer at home or at work, log on to and listen to the new Indie 103.1 – which is really the old Indie 103.1, not the version of Indie 103.1 we are removing from the broadcast airwaves.

We thank our listeners and advertisers for their support of the greatest radio station ever conceived, and look forward to continuing to deliver the famed Indie 103.1 music and spirit over the Internet to passionate music listeners around the world.

BTE Netcast – Episode 1 – Oh hai!

Long time coming, this is the first episode of our netcast. We’ve recorded quite a few of these so stay tuned because I’ll be posting all the shows in the next few days or weeks (bandwidth limitations).

In this show we talk about Wanted and introduce the revolutionary lolcat rating system. Another topic you’ll hear not only in this episode but in many to come is Halo, the game that brought us together.


Download the Netcast

New Dashboard and Xbox Live stuff

Dashboard New Look

So here it is, the update a lot of people have been expecting for quite some time. Due out around the holidays of this year is the biggest Xbox 360 Dashboard update ever. It includes networking and much, much more!!! Here is some of the stuff I thought was interesting enough to write about.

  • Networking is something that will be enhanced greatly with this update. There will be the ability to creates parties of up to eight friends and stay with them, not just within a game, but between games. This is kind of like the private chat feature as I understand it. You can also watch movies and view content on your harddrive as one big happy family. That certainly sounds interesting. I am not sure how much I would use that particular feature, but it might be pretty nice if a few friends wanted to migrate to a different game and not have to go through the hassle of breaking contact and getting lost in the shuffle. It always bothered me that you could not “conference call”, but eventually you will.
  • Playing From Your HardDrive will now be a possibility. You can upload the content of any game onto your HD and go from there. This is soooo damn cool. As long as you have the disk in the drive, you don’t have to listen to the damn roar of the DVD drive as it spins jet engine noises. Not only that, the load times will be faster. I have an Elite, so disk space will not be a problem. Considering that the disks are DVD9, that means I could easily fit 10 games at a time with room to spare for all the other shwag you pick up a long the way. My only fear is that is will take like 3 hours to upload and in that time your drive will burn out and the neighbors will complain about testing rockets next door.

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Yay! Spanky reaches puberty!


If friendster and facebook are to be believed, it’s a special day today. Spanky finally turned 13 years old… at least mentally. Let’s wish him well even though he’s kinda weird. Party at your place Spanky? After Denny’s of course.

Enjoy the photoshop pic I made just for you.

how did i get here…?

So when i got the email from qbix about joining the “Best. Team. Ever.” site (and ensuing pod… i mean NETcast.. maybe.. hopefully), i was extremely quick to reply in the positive, yet after doing so, I wondered aloud (not really, because that would be weird… i was by myself) “hmm, i’m not really up on next-gen gaming. What would my place here really be?”. And, then it sort of came to me… i’m the proverbial “hard-core-gamer-who-turned-in-his-LAN-parties-for-dinner-parties guy”. Yeah, i went and got married and my time for gaming dropped faster than “President” Obama would if his motorcade rode slowly through Texas in a open top Cadillac.

But, then i thought this could be kind of cool. I could give the perspective of the casual gamer. The pop music version of my former self. The one who only hears about the big games and whatever gets marketed to me during prime-time TV and advertisements played between quarters/innings/halves of televised sports. Yes, i don’t even have an Xbox 360 (and wouldn’t THINK of getting a PS3!) and my PC needs an updating as about as much as Spanky’s choice of footwear (c’mon dude, hiking boots are so 8th grade…).

Regardless, I still watch XPlay, i’m subscribed to numerous G4 netcasts, faithfully (usually) peep my boys Kevin Rose & Alex Albrecht, and can’t go a half-day without my Google Reader – and many gaming-related – feeds. I pretty much know what’s going on in the gaming world – I LOVE gaming – but I just don’t partake as much.

That being said, I look forward to hopefully providing a different point-of-view on this here site. I may not be the most active gamer ever…

(what… that’s it.. it’s over…)

oh hai!

Welcome to the official blog of the Best. Team. Ever. This is our first post and everything around the site will be rough around the edges so please bear with us. Our editors staff is composed by Boogs, Scotty, Spanky, Foozar, and myself, qbix. Let the blogging begin.