Waddup peeps

p>Spanky here, speaking to you through the dark magic of the InterWeb.

Pretty scary stuff, I know. Hope this “BLOG” finds you well this fine Friday, it’s actually my day off and I’ve managed to waste half of it doing absolutely nothing. Well I did go to the Game Crazy near my home to try to get a replacement Xbox360 (not quite as bad as the red circle of death, but “Unplayable disc” messages kind of suck too).

But apparently they’re not allowed to even talk to me without this weird thing they called a “reseet”, or something like that. So my cats and I are having a nice little scavenger hunt to find it today, though I suspect one of them may very well have eaten it and is laughing behind my back. Regardless, if you’re a friend of Alanasaurus on the Xbox360 (and I imagine you probably aren’t), he’ll be out of commission for a while.

This now concludes Spanky’s exciting Blog O’ the Day, stay tuned for more chills and thrills!