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Graffiti and Breakdancing are alive and well…in Madrid!

I went to Spain a while back (last year) and I thought I would just share these images I took while in a bathroom at a tapas bar and while getting on the metro in madrid. I’m glad to report that Graffiti and Breakdancing are alive and well in Spain. There were some better graffiti pics but I can’t find them right now.

At some point i’ll put all my graffiti pics together for a “scotty’s graffiti pics” section yo! there may even be
some Breakdancing from LA in that series…

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The Hip-Hop Files

Having done graffiti myself (and getting back into it lately), I found this video very interesting. A big source of inspiration when I went tagging was listening to Cypress Hill, House of Pain, and that kind of music. Also, I found break dancing to be fascinating and when I got a chance to do so I helped a friend of mine DJ at parties. He hated it when I scratched his records.

Mexico was late to the graffiti and hip-hop party but the influences are very much the same.

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