The lessons that Wolverine has taught us.


I know it has been a couple weeks since X-Men Origins: Wolverine has hit the big screens, but to be completely honest, it has taken this long to wash the putrid taste of fail from my soul. Maybe I was totally spoiled by the magnificence of the flurry of great comic book movies that we were all treated to from the previous year (The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Watchmen), but seriously, how did this crapheap of a disappointment ever get made? I have pondered why it sucked so bad, and I think there are a few lessons to be learned from success. So here are a list of things that I felt were terribly wrong with Wolverine, and I have even set them up in comparison to the comic book movies that weren’t so full of suck. I will begin with the benign and move to the more ridiculous mistakes.

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boba milk tea 101: many names one great experience

p style=”text-align: left;”> ………………………This……………………………………..Not This……………….

The English names for this magic elixir of the gods:

  • pearl (milk) tea or drink
  • tapioca milk tea drink
  • milk pearl tea or drink
  • black pearl (milk) tea or drink
  • (milk) tea pearl
  • boba (milk) tea or drink
  • tapioca (milk) tea or drink
  • bubble tea
  • bubble milk
  • bubble cup

A little pet-peeve of mine is when a boba place puts a regular “to go” top on the cup instead of the magical and necessary sticky seal top, so that you can turn it upside down, and shake back and forth a few times, before you poke the (ever important “jumbo sized sharp tip at one end”) straw through the lid to make the milk tea extra cold and refreshing. Also those jumbo straws don’t fit very well through the cheap lame ass “to go cup” plastic tops, they also spill much easier when you are drinking your boba in your car and you tilt it ever so slightly to reach your lips to the straw and wala some of the milk tea that crept out of the little “cracks” in the cheap top and gets all over your new white button down shirt (Spanky just bought from Target!)

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CAN SOMEONE SAY AWESOME… I THOUGHT IT LIVED UP TO THE HYPE. ROTTEN TOMATOES 100%…. pretty close. Certainly the Best Batman Ever!

Anyway here are a few visual aids literally from the movie…

darkest knight ever

but that’s all I am going to say about the show (no spoiler’s here!) other than it was so good it didn’t matter what size theater I saw it in, but qbix has the right idea waiting for the IMAX to open up with some tickets…

I’ll be trying to see it on Imax as well… I wish poor heath was still alive so he could do another one! but if you have to go I guess it’s much better to go out with a bang!

Best. Cartoon. Ever.

I know this is a favorite amongst our crew, so we wanted to share this 9:22 of pure awesome. If you have seen Rejected by Don Hertzfeldt, then you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t ever seen it, you are in for a treat. This is probably NSFW, unless your boss doesn’t mind humor based on blood coming out of your ass.