BTE Netcast – Episode 1 – Oh hai!

Long time coming, this is the first episode of our netcast. We’ve recorded quite a few of these so stay tuned because I’ll be posting all the shows in the next few days or weeks (bandwidth limitations).

In this show we talk about Wanted and introduce the revolutionary lolcat rating system. Another topic you’ll hear not only in this episode but in many to come is Halo, the game that brought us together.


Download the Netcast

2 Replies to “BTE Netcast – Episode 1 – Oh hai!”

  1. I like it. It does sound pretty crisp even though we were like statues for the first 30 minutes or so. It sounded a lot better than it felt as we did it. I am looking forward to the next ones because other than the very last one we did, they just got better and better.

  2. I agree with foozar, however I feel lame about my own voice… i sound like the “nerd” in the group, what happened to my sexy deepness.. ha ha…

    I guess I could be the guy from GWJ who does all the “voices.”

    Anyway, I like it. Sounds good…

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