A few selfless shameless plugs

Here are a few links to some creative endeavors that involve my “blood” in some way please enjoy, and if you like any of it there are many was to support it… if you’d like more information email scotty or leave a comment how you can be reached.

Mother’s art opening up in Idyllwild…

my cousin rachel is in a band in New York called Oakley Hall (out of brooklyn)

cousin\’s band

she’s also doing a few things on her own, here’s an example of one of those songs:


Her brother Josh is also doing some musical work as well as trying to make it as an actor in hollywood…

Place for Us

His wife Arlene’s Directorial Debut: A Perfect World
(a documentary about self image and plastic surgery)

and then there is my dad…

My painting father’s art website

I guess this last one isn’t really selfless

scotty’s working website

comcast internet security software

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