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becoming a creator of audio files…

I don’t really have much to say other than I can’t wait for my secret life of becoming someone who creates audio files to begin. This may be actual music from real instruments I have laying around the house (like an electric guitar my brother gave me –his first, and now my first– or some drums my mom’s boyfriend owns, or maybe a flute I made out of ceramics in my art classes at UCLA, or it will just be the electronic instruments within my computer and the interweb, or maybe it will be mixing a bunch of “sampled” works into some techno break core tune that someone could dance to. All I know is I may finally be inspired, one because our own qbix has gotten so far into the sound world, my x-step-dad has his own sound studio, one of my best friends asked me to find the program for her old mac, or four I’ve finally remembered to just open “garageband” that’s been on my computer for the past 2 years. The problem was I thought it was just going to be a silly little program that came with my mac’s new system (since OS X.3) which was just for playing around with and wasting time… but after opening it up, researching it a little on the web,

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I look forward to finally having a theme song for the netcast. Trent is cool, but something of our own would be cooler.

I like the whole boba thing you did it was pretty cool. I have a question for you. With all the boba that you have tasted which boba tasted the best? the brand you know. I want to make my own at home since I love that stuff but don’t know what company has the best bobas for sale so I can make at home.

Thanks a a lot


to Joseph,
well I don’t really know the brands of boba, but I think there are some links in that post of boba supply companies… but if I were you I’d go to some of those places try em out, and then ask if it’s possible to know or get their supplier info.

No problem

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