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Top 5 Graffiti Artists (+1)


I thought I’d take a moment to share with the world who I consider the best graffiti artists out there. I love their style, their understanding of form and color as well as the evident can control which I’m sure comes with years of practice. There are a lot more artists I admire, but these guys are the ones I look up to.

5. Sex

graffiti_sex_1 graffiti_sex_2 graffiti_sex_4

4. Peeta

graffiti_peeta_1 graffiti_peeta_2 graffiti_peeta_3

3. Does

graffiti_does_1 graffiti_does_2 graffiti_does_3

2. Mac

graffiti_mac_1 graffiti_mac_3 graffiti_mac_4

1. Daim

graffiti_daim_1 graffiti_daim_2 graffiti_daim_3

Honorable Mention: Totem

graffiti_totem_2 graffiti_totem_1 graffiti_totem_3

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great list! I’ve always wanted to know more about graffiti and now i have a place to start. thanks Qbix!

greetings band out here visiting your page …
know my dream is to be like you
Ironlak family ..
bean only hope that this mail ..
band goes up then ..
take care.
43k crew …
salamanka gto

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