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Graffiti and Breakdancing are alive and well…in Madrid!

I went to Spain a while back (last year) and I thought I would just share these images I took while in a bathroom at a tapas bar and while getting on the metro in madrid. I’m glad to report that Graffiti and Breakdancing are alive and well in Spain. There were some better graffiti pics but I can’t find them right now.

At some point i’ll put all my graffiti pics together for a “scotty’s graffiti pics” section yo! there may even be
some Breakdancing from LA in that series…


I stole some facts from yahoo…(batman is unstoppable)

the difference between the two negatives

I think these are awesome facts….

In terms of revenue alone, however, “The Dark Knight” will pass the original “Star Wars,” which is No. 2 behind “Titanic” with $461 million, and such hits as “Shrek 2” ($436.5 million), “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” ($434.9 million) and “Star Wars: Episode I

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CAN SOMEONE SAY AWESOME… I THOUGHT IT LIVED UP TO THE HYPE. ROTTEN TOMATOES 100%…. pretty close. Certainly the Best Batman Ever!

Anyway here are a few visual aids literally from the movie…

darkest knight ever

but that’s all I am going to say about the show (no spoiler’s here!) other than it was so good it didn’t matter what size theater I saw it in, but qbix has the right idea waiting for the IMAX to open up with some tickets…

I’ll be trying to see it on Imax as well… I wish poor heath was still alive so he could do another one! but if you have to go I guess it’s much better to go out with a bang!

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Scotty’s favorite tools. Ever

Starting with firefox and it’s wonderful plugins: one of them being Firefox Universal Uploader which allows you to upload all kinds of photos to different photo sites all at once from one dialog box within firefox.

Also: Adblock Plus and it’s Filterset G

If you are tired of all the banner ads that pop up while you are on myspace, or the “commercials” you have to watch before you start your favorite shows on,, or even It actually filters those 30 second commercials out of the program (some shows like heroes caught on and won’t actually play until you disable part of it, but shows like lost are totally commercial free with it… yeah!)

Then if you go to they have a great 12 step program for getting rid of virus’s, spyware, rootkits, etc… (it’s not really 12 steps it’s more like a long 2 day 6 step process. But if you are infected with some nasty’s this will do the trick. I fixed my roommates computer and he’s been virus/trojan free ever since, and his computer was bad (he was doing unprotected internet surfing for over a year).

So here’s that link. They also supply you with all the freeware you’ll need to rid yourself of these evil internet demons.

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In reply to qbix’s link to why he likes PC’s

like comparing \"apples to oranges\"

I wrote this to qbix, but I thought I’d share it as a potential starting point for a topic in or next webcast, next week. Sorry my post isn’t as “charming” as spanky’s (ps I hope you are not buying a new one… please wait for your replacement… please… for the sake of all that’s holy).

*to qbix: That’s pretty funny… it’s almost like you were quoting him while in the car with me that day…

What I get out of that though, is basically anyone who uses windows sticks with it mainly because they either grew up with it, it’s popular, or they like bill gates more than they like steve jobs

And it seems like they have suffered a lot over the years with the various windows system choices (an no one who is smart is going to vista), and you know what they say about struggling with something makes you love it more once you’ve conquered it.

What I have a problem with is that no one seems to have tried both systems simultaneously like I have. I did grow up with macs, but in 2 major jobs I’ve had I have been forced to know both, and the last job I had to know windows exclusively but had a mac at home. And I can honestly say that there are caveats to both system platforms, and certainly for every new version of a system that came out.