Dolphins Blow (best bubble blowers ever)

A dolphin’s version of playing video games

pretty amazing stuff…just goes to show that we are not the only mammals that like to play games, or who can even make the game they want to play with the resources they have available to them…if only they could talk to us in a language we could understand.


A few selfless shameless plugs

Here are a few links to some creative endeavors that involve my “blood” in some way please enjoy, and if you like any of it there are many was to support it… if you’d like more information email scotty or leave a comment how you can be reached.

Mother’s art opening up in Idyllwild…

my cousin rachel is in a band in New York called Oakley Hall (out of brooklyn)

cousin\’s band

she’s also doing a few things on her own, here’s an example of one of those songs:


Her brother Josh is also doing some musical work as well as trying to make it as an actor in hollywood…

Place for Us

His wife Arlene’s Directorial Debut: A Perfect World
(a documentary about self image and plastic surgery)

and then there is my dad…

My painting father’s art website

I guess this last one isn’t really selfless

scotty’s working website

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white and nerdy…

in leu of the netcast i’ll be posting this instead. I hope you enjoy it…
especially you spanky

white and nerdy


IMO, one of the BYTVE.

Although nobody will click this link or see it all the way through, I think it’s worth mentioning. At least I know my little sister will care.

This post will self delete in 3… 2…

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Jack Thompson sucks…according to more than just gamers

So, apparently Jack Thompson is so much of a grandstanding douchebag that he has finally been disbarred. What that means is that he has been legally castrated. Unable to practice law, he may still be able to needlessly persecute the video game industry vocally, but he will never be able to prosecute. The perpetual dick suddenly has no dick at all.

Thompson started by impotently taking action against obscenity in media such as Howard Stern and 2 Live Crew, but right around the mid-nineties, he switched gears and began taking shots at video games. Here are some of his finer moments:

In 2004, Thompson sent his 10 year old son into Best Buy to purchase a copy of Grand Theft Auto III in order to gain leverage in a suit against them for selling age-inappropriate content. Seriously? So a grown man, supposedly one of upstanding moral standards, uses his own child as a pawn? This has the undeniable stink of desperation. At this point he should have been disbarred to save himself from further embarrassment, but no.

In 2006, he tried to stop the release of Bully, another Rockstar title by declaring it declared it a “public nuisance”. How does a video game translate into something like that? I am not really sure that there was any shred of sanity to that one, though maybe in Thompson’s neighborhood there are children playing video games outside. Gamers are pasty white for a good reason, Jack.

He once rejected as “completely unconstitutional” Hillary Clinton’s proposed legislation to ban sales to minors of games rated “M” for Mature by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. Self-contradict much? This is a letter everyone should have written him:

Dear Jack Thompson,


Thank you.



At least have the balls to stick to your guns (pun intended), even when someone of the opposite political persuasion happens to agree with you.

Apparently no one told him that violence in video games has not contributed to violence among teens. His whole thing was that people played games and then duplicated the actions in the games in their real lives. WRONG! In fact, it has had the opposite effect.

You have officially wasted enough of our time with your foolishness. Up yours Jack Thompson. Have fun being unemployed.

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boba milk tea 101: many names one great experience

one quick cash

p style=”text-align: left;”> ………………………This……………………………………..Not This……………….

The English names for this magic elixir of the gods:

  • pearl (milk) tea or drink
  • tapioca milk tea drink
  • milk pearl tea or drink
  • black pearl (milk) tea or drink
  • (milk) tea pearl
  • boba (milk) tea or drink
  • tapioca (milk) tea or drink
  • bubble tea
  • bubble milk
  • bubble cup

A little pet-peeve of mine is when a boba place puts a regular “to go” top on the cup instead of the magical and necessary sticky seal top, so that you can turn it upside down, and shake back and forth a few times, before you poke the (ever important “jumbo sized sharp tip at one end”) straw through the lid to make the milk tea extra cold and refreshing. Also those jumbo straws don’t fit very well through the cheap lame ass “to go cup” plastic tops, they also spill much easier when you are drinking your boba in your car and you tilt it ever so slightly to reach your lips to the straw and wala some of the milk tea that crept out of the little “cracks” in the cheap top and gets all over your new white button down shirt (Spanky just bought from Target!)


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Graffiti and Breakdancing are alive and well…in Madrid!

I went to Spain a while back (last year) and I thought I would just share these images I took while in a bathroom at a tapas bar and while getting on the metro in madrid. I’m glad to report that Graffiti and Breakdancing are alive and well in Spain. There were some better graffiti pics but I can’t find them right now.

At some point i’ll put all my graffiti pics together for a “scotty’s graffiti pics” section yo! there may even be
some Breakdancing from LA in that series…


I stole some facts from yahoo…(batman is unstoppable)

the difference between the two negatives

I think these are awesome facts….

In terms of revenue alone, however, “The Dark Knight” will pass the original “Star Wars,” which is No. 2 behind “Titanic” with $461 million, and such hits as “Shrek 2” ($436.5 million), “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” ($434.9 million) and “Star Wars: Episode I

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CAN SOMEONE SAY AWESOME… I THOUGHT IT LIVED UP TO THE HYPE. ROTTEN TOMATOES 100%…. pretty close. Certainly the Best Batman Ever!

Anyway here are a few visual aids literally from the movie…

darkest knight ever

but that’s all I am going to say about the show (no spoiler’s here!) other than it was so good it didn’t matter what size theater I saw it in, but qbix has the right idea waiting for the IMAX to open up with some tickets…

I’ll be trying to see it on Imax as well… I wish poor heath was still alive so he could do another one! but if you have to go I guess it’s much better to go out with a bang!

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