This is possibly the greatest invention since the two-person mitten (seen below being really gay)

Poopfreeze is sure to usher in a new and exciting era in poop management! Stay tuned for my exciting review…and no I don’t have a dog. Frost it and Toss it America! BONUS FUN – Count the number of times they say poop!!!

Best. Cartoon. Ever.

I know this is a favorite amongst our crew, so we wanted to share this 9:22 of pure awesome. If you have seen Rejected by Don Hertzfeldt, then you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t ever seen it, you are in for a treat. This is probably NSFW, unless your boss doesn’t mind humor based on blood coming out of your ass.

First. Blog. Ever.

Yes, I am a virgin to the ages old art of blogging, though, when I was approached by qbix to take part in this website, I was eager to explore that uncharted interwebz territory. Of course, I have read many blogs, though none of them religiously or even with more than a passing fancy. Some entries have been amusing, others politically charged, but most of them hover all too closely to stream-of-consciousness bullshit.

So why be any different?

In fact, as I type this I have absolutely no idea where I want to go, much less how I want to end it. Should I talk about my side of the “Mac v. PC” argument that seems so popular as of late? Perhaps I should step more in line with the intent of this site and ruminate about the wonders and joys of video gaming. Maybe I should talk about how much I hate garbanzo and lima beans and cannot understand why anyone likes the little sons-of-bitches.

Choosing a topic for your first blog is a huge step. It doesn’t have the ramifications of choosing a mate, purchasing a car, or even deciding whether to have that fifth piece of pizza, knowing full well that you will be sweating grease for ten hours afterwards and end up having a nightmare about being stuck in traffic as a passenger in a car driven by that irritating old bitch that lives in the condo below you. However, it might set the tone for the rest of your blog entries. Maybe you will like the structure and make all of your other ones fit the same mental template. Maybe you will set the bar too high and every blog you write afterwards will be increasingly more disappointing to your readers. That is a lot of pressure.

I just want to get something down. Break the ice. Leeroy Jenkins the battle. It doesn’t have to be Earth shattering. It doesn’t have to make people think or laugh. I don’t have to cure cancer. I just need to tap the keys, click the mouse, and walk away. So considering that, I will Stop. Right. Here.

Next version of Ubuntu to support DmRaid

The one feature I’ve waited for ever since I learned about Ubuntu is support for BIOS raid, aka software RAID. Back in the days when Linux only came in flavors like RedHat, Mandrake, and SUSE hardware setups were actually very straight forward and simple in comparison to the options we have today. Most motherboards these days have support for RAID arrays at the BIOS level. Unfortunately, Ubuntu hasn’t supported it right out the box. It is in fact possible to install it in such setup, but it’s a rather complicated process and not exactly a process suitable for Linux beginners, like me. However, it seems they’ve made it a priority to support DmRaid out of the box in the next iteration of Ubuntu, version 8.10 code named Intrepid.

Notice the priority given to this feature. This is one of the only 13 items given high priority so far and I couldn’t be happier. I’m sure that, like me, there are a lot of people out there eager to install an alternative to Windows on their PCs and this feature reflects the fact that BIOS RAIDs are becomming too common to ignore. Of course, I could’ve tried the latest version of openSUSE which looks awesome, apparently performs faster, AND supports DmRaid but I think I’ll wait it out.

Diablo III announced

Today is a good day. I mean, need I say more about this announcement? If you played Diablo II, you should know how big this game is going to be. Regardless of the fact that it’s a PC game, I dare to say it’ll be one of the best selling games of all time. Oh and if you have a mac be happy to know Blizzard is releasing the game for you at the same time as it’s PC counterpart, which is too bad because it’ll only give fanboys more fuel to start a new set of flame wars on forums and tech blogs. No word yet about a Linux version.

Check out the official Diablo III web site for the complete nerdgasm.

In reply to qbix’s link to why he likes PC’s

like comparing \"apples to oranges\"

I wrote this to qbix, but I thought I’d share it as a potential starting point for a topic in or next webcast, next week. Sorry my post isn’t as “charming” as spanky’s (ps I hope you are not buying a new one… please wait for your replacement… please… for the sake of all that’s holy).

*to qbix: That’s pretty funny… it’s almost like you were quoting him while in the car with me that day…

What I get out of that though, is basically anyone who uses windows sticks with it mainly because they either grew up with it, it’s popular, or they like bill gates more than they like steve jobs

And it seems like they have suffered a lot over the years with the various windows system choices (an no one who is smart is going to vista), and you know what they say about struggling with something makes you love it more once you’ve conquered it.

What I have a problem with is that no one seems to have tried both systems simultaneously like I have. I did grow up with macs, but in 2 major jobs I’ve had I have been forced to know both, and the last job I had to know windows exclusively but had a mac at home. And I can honestly say that there are caveats to both system platforms, and certainly for every new version of a system that came out.

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Waddup peeps

p>Spanky here, speaking to you through the dark magic of the InterWeb.

Pretty scary stuff, I know. Hope this “BLOG” finds you well this fine Friday, it’s actually my day off and I’ve managed to waste half of it doing absolutely nothing. Well I did go to the Game Crazy near my home to try to get a replacement Xbox360 (not quite as bad as the red circle of death, but “Unplayable disc” messages kind of suck too).

But apparently they’re not allowed to even talk to me without this weird thing they called a “reseet”, or something like that. So my cats and I are having a nice little scavenger hunt to find it today, though I suspect one of them may very well have eaten it and is laughing behind my back. Regardless, if you’re a friend of Alanasaurus on the Xbox360 (and I imagine you probably aren’t), he’ll be out of commission for a while.

This now concludes Spanky’s exciting Blog O’ the Day, stay tuned for more chills and thrills!

oh hai!

Welcome to the official blog of the Best. Team. Ever. This is our first post and everything around the site will be rough around the edges so please bear with us. Our editors staff is composed by Boogs, Scotty, Spanky, Foozar, and myself, qbix. Let the blogging begin.